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9 Benefits of Summer Camp for Your Kids

Many parents think that sending their children to a summer camp is all about having fun, meeting new friends and playing games. However, while these are certainly important, there is even greater value in a summer camp. Parents should know that sending children to a summer camp is an excellent way to give them a rare opportunity to learn about life from a broad perspective. A summer camp is a different kind of experience from school classes, and every child should be given a chance to try it.  A summer camp is also important as it gives kids a chance to make friendships that last, giving them a firm basis for learning to grow together and cooperate with others in their adult years.

Benefits of Taking Kids to a Summer Camp

Summer camps are a class in life skills. Children learn a lot of things that give them an essential foundation in life. Summer camps provide many benefits:   

1.     Kids Develop Lasting Learning Skills at Summer Camp

In the 21st Century, the key learning skills are the four C's: communication, collaboration, and creativity, and critical thinking.  Kids first learn to communicate with one another. After they master communication, they learn cooperation, which is brought about by collaboration. Having developed communication and cooperation, kids can then develop creativity as they work together.  Finally, critical thinking becomes part of their regular analytical and decision-making processes.  These learning skills are long-lasting and are well developed in a summer camp.   

2.     Summer Camps Foster Growth in a Safe but Fun Environment 

Summer camps contribute to the growth of the kids in a relaxed, non-threatening environment that is just as safe as a classroom, but less regimented.  As a result, children can relate and engage in activities that promote a growth mindset in a fun way, and they can freely learn from one another while doing those activities. Along the way, instructors and mentors equip the children with crucial positive behaviours they need for their growth.

3.     Summer Camps Boost Self-Esteem 

While kids are at a summer camp, they will engage in activities that boost their confidence.  With the confidence they gain, their self-esteem is strengthened. A kid who can confidently approach the other kids in the camp will have greater confidence in life. Confidence is vital in acquiring high self-esteem.   

4.     Summer Camps Help Kids Nurture Friendships 

The greatest of friendships start at an early age, and they last for a long time.  Summer camps give the children a chance to establish and nurture these friendships.  These friendships, some of which can build further to adult age, provide a firm basis for cooperation and coordination as well as social and emotional development.   

5.     Summer Camps Support Intellectual Development

Intellectual engagement refers to any activity that engages the mind maximally. In summer camps, children are occupied with activities that fully engage their mental abilities.  These activities improve their thinking and decision-making processes in a variety of ways.  With intellectual engagement, children learn to be thoughtful and evaluative before taking any action.

6.     Summer Camps Teach Kids to Respect Cultural Differences

Kids in a summer camp may come from different backgrounds and cultures. When they meet in a summer camp, they have the opportunity to appreciate the value in coexisting and accepting one another.  They can learn that the stereotypes they have heard about different cultures are untrue. This builds unity and togetherness, helping the kids learn to respect and celebrate cultural differences.   

7.     Summer Camps Reinforce Health in Kids

A good summer camp will help children learn to live a healthy life. They are given the opportunity to be highly active and to learn how to handle their own health, which are responsibilities that will serve them well in adulthood. They may also learn how to treat minor injuries and bruises on their own instead of relying on their parents to do these things for them.   

8.     Summer Camps Give Kids the Opportunity for Teamwork 

Teamwork is one of the most valuable skills that every person needs in life. Fortunately, a child who is enrolled in a summer camp gets the chance to develop the skill.  Kids learn teamwork as they go about the normal activities in the camp. They have to do many things together, and this unity builds teamwork. Teamwork enables the kids to appreciate the art of working together in order to benefit from other people’s ideas, talents, and abilities.   

9.     Summer Camps Encourage Independence

Kids in a summer camp do not have their parents at their disposal. They are therefore left with no option but to do many things on their own.  They can approach their peers and guides for some concerns, but for the most part they learn to take care of themselves, and this imparts a sense of independence and maturity.

What's the Next Step for a Child to go on a Summer Camp?

The important first step for a child wanting to go to a summer camp is to find a great camp. Next June Role Models will run summer Camp program in Singapore for 5 consecutive days Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3pm for kids ages 8 to 15. Go to our website  to find out more and to register. 

And if you child wants an oversea camping experience in the UK check out our two-week-long program at Wellington College for kids ages 11 to 14.

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to join our webinar with Louise Treherne, the Head of Character with Role Models, who will explain what life skills are and how they help kids thrive in the 21st Century.

Consider enrolling your child in one of these golden opportunities for their enrichment. The skills and experiences they gain will prepare them for their career, their social relationships, and the many other critical aspects of their adulthood.

Rosie Oliveira
Role Models Singapore Regional Director
Find out more about our Life Skills courses.

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